10 RuffBoXX® Compact Bicycle Boxes

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With our innovative RuffBoXX® Compact, you can pack your bike / e-bike quickly and safely.

Only the front impeller has to be dismantled before packaging, the handlebars have to be slanted and the pedals have to be dismantled. The bike is comfortably pushed into the integrated rail and fixed to the fork/axle holder by means of a corrugated cut and securely inserted into the ground rail together with the impeller. This way, the bike stops by itself. Only one person is required for packaging process.

The sturdy corrugated cardboard box is pushed over the bike and the rail and secured with 4 reusable plug-in closures.

A stabilization insert for handlebars and saddle is placed on the bike from above, fixed to the side walls with self-adhesive corrugated cardboard blocks and the cardboard box is closed with adhesive tape. Finished. This means that the bike is optimally protected for shipping.

Dimensions of the RuffBoXX® Compact (length x height x width): 1,835 mm x 930 mm x 285 mm


  • Corrugated cardboard with 6 grip hole punches and reinforcement tape
  • "Floor part" corrugated board cutting
  • Axle recording corrugated cardboard cut
  • 4 plug-in sclosures
  • Seatpost
  • 2 x 13 corrugated cardboard blocks, one-sided self-adhesive

Advantages of our new RuffBoXX® Regular and Compact packaging:

  • Saves you time in packing process
  • Handlebar no longer needs to be dismantled
  • Cardboard and closures are reusable and recyclable
  • Climate-friendly packaging: No use of plastics except for the closures
  • Suitable for mountain bike, trekking bike and e-bike
  • Optimum protection for transport and shipping

For larger quantities, we will be happy to make you an individual offer. Please contact our sales team at verkauf@bikepackaging.com

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